Sailing For Good

Leaving home


So these two adventurous souls have decided to step away from their comfortable life, home and jobs to set sail on a boat called...for good! After producing several environmentally themed documentaries for television we felt a calling to do more. With climate change and pollution nearing a crisis point, our mission - to live fully immersed in a more sustainable life while producing films with a purpose. 

Finding hope


With almost daily news of superstorms, extreme wildfires, melting icecaps, and plastic seas the issues we face can be overwhelming. Tuning out has become a way of coping for many of us. Knowing that doom and gloom is not motivating we will try and focus on solutions. We will live by example and see how everyday choices can have an impact. 

Tiny home on the big blue


While underway to remote locations you will share in the ups and downs of our new “everyday” life. Living onboard our recently purchased sailboat will have it's challenges, not the least of which is the very limited experience we have with sailing. Self reliance will be mandatory as we deal with things like  a torn main sail in the middle of a pacific squall. Everything in our tiny home will have a purpose - by necessity we must live as economically as possible. 


Getting started

The adventure will begin in one of the most spectacular places on the planet. British Columbia’s coast and the Great Bear Rainforest. As we navigate the obstacles of a changing world, including super tankers and violent lightning storms, we must learn to adapt and improvise, recognizing that mother nature is in charge. The wind moves us along the stunning coastline, the sun charges batteries for lights and navigation equipment. Humpback whales breach within feet of our sailboat and Grizzly bears feed on salmon in pristine estuaries. Sea lions gather by the hundreds on rocky islands and bald eagles soar above thousand year old coastal forests. The villages along the British Columbia coast have been home to the Haida, Nootka and Coast Salish peoples for over ten thousand years. From their unique perspective we can gain insight into the effects of climate change at a very personal level. We will discover how the resilient people of these coastal communities are finding more sustainable ways to live. British Columbia's massive coastline is full of stories waiting to be told. Stories from  fishermen, sea plane pilots, eco - guides, marine biologists, heli-loggers and so many others that call this complex marine ecosystem home.